Conference timetable

The registration desk will be located near the lifts on Level 1 at the Stamford Grand Hotel. It will be open 15:00–18:00 Sunday 30 January and 08:00–08:30 Monday 31 January.

Sunday evening

A barbecue reception will be held from 18:00 Sunday 30 January at The Surf Club, Glenelg. The location is a short 150m walk north along the beach from the Stamford Grand Hotel. All registered delegates and their accompanying guests are invited.

Monday morning

TimeBallroom 2Ballroom 3Ballroom 4Ballroom 5
ChairJim Hill
08:30 Bob Anderssen
Modelling antiviral resistance in plants
ChairJon ChapmanLarry ForbesMark FackrellGeorg Gottwald
09:30 Wuryatmo Sidik
A cross-species avian--human influenza epidemic model: effects of control strategies
Philip Haines
Jeffery--Hamel versus finite domain
James Minas
Potential use of operations research in bushfire management
Theodore Vo
Canard-induced mixed mode oscillations in neuroendocrine cells
09:50 Joanne Mann
Comparing two models of virus variants
Graeme Hocking
Waveless subcritical free-surface flow over bottom topography
Indu Wadhawan
Optimal trip sequences for transporting grain from silos
Martin Wechselberger
Holes in the walls, folds, canards and shocks in advection--reaction--diffusion models
10:10 Robert Cope
Animal movement between populations deduced from family trees
Osama Ogilat
Minimising wave drag for free surface flow past a two-dimensional stern
Musa Mammadov
Optimality conditions in nonconvex optimisation via weak subdifferentials
Andrew Smith
Models for spatially structured metapopulations
10:30 Jason Nassios
Modern applications of kinetic theory: high frequency oscillatory gas flows
Tim Stokes
Steady free-surface flows into a submerged ring sink
Helmut Maurer
Theory and applications of retarded optimal control problems with state constarints
Cathy Holmes
Multistability and synchronisation in arrays of nanomechanical oscillators
Refreshment break
ChairSergey SuslovBenjamin BinderMatthew RoughanIan Sloan
11:10 Jon Chapman
Excluded-volume effects in the diffusion of hard spheres
Stephen Wade
Free-surface flow in a channel with a pressure disturbance
Nikki Sonenberg
Improving the resilience of mobile ad hoc networks: energy and utility analysis
Markus Hegland
Spectral enhancement
11:30 Wei-Xian Lim
Mathematical modelling of gas storage in metal--organic frameworks based on beryllium
Luke Sciberras
Optical solitary waves in bounded liquid crystal cells
Rhys Bowden
Heuristically optimised internet topologies using genetic algorithms
Andrew Chernih
Wendland radial basis functions with increasing smoothness
11:50 Phil Broadbridge
Partial differential equation solutions for curve shortening and surface evolution
Samuel Butler
Solitons and the discrete Korteweg--de Vries equation
Nahid Banihashemi
Adaptive mesh refinement and inexact restoration method to solve the optimal control problems
Quoc Le-Gia
Multiscale approximation in Sobolev spaces on the sphere: sparsity of the representations
12:10 Aaron Thornton
Gas separation and storage: a mathematical challenge in nanospace
David Horsley
Faraday waves: fluid sloshing on a vertically shaken plate
Yacov Salomon
Using Khinchin--Kullback--Leibler divergence to construct distributions for elicited data
Bishnu Lamichhane
Solving three applied partial differential equations using the finite element method

Monday afternoon

TimeBallroom 2Ballroom 3Ballroom 4Ballroom 5
ChairNatashia Boland
13:30 Kate Smith-Miles
How linear algebra can reveal the secrets in your face... no more lying about your age!
ChairJulia PiantadosiPaul SmithTony RobertsCharlie Macaskill
14:30 Sara Browning
Stochastic dynamic programming using decomposition methods for a multi-reservoir system
Jean-Roch Nader
Efficiency of an array of Oscillating Water Columns using a finite element method model
Alhaji Bachtiar
The existence of planar velocity dynamos
Danya Rose
A symplectic integrator for the zero angular momentum three-body problem in regularised coordinates
14:50 Ray Bedford
From seabed to management: a whole system model
Luke Bennetts
First steps in incorporating the interaction of ocean waves with sea ice into global climate models
Andrew Stephan
Kinematic dynamos with three-dimensional flows
Duncan Sutherland
The influence matrix method for viscous flows
15:10 Hamideh Anjomshoa
A mixed integer programming model to optimise the placement of passing bays in an underground mine
Scott McCue
Exponentially small water waves: who says they're not interesting?
David Ivers
Oblate spheroidal mean field kinematic dynamos
Michael Dallaston
Efficient boundary integral solution methods for the Saffman--Taylor finger problem
Refreshment break
ChairStan Miklavcic
16:00 John Sader
Dynamics of nanomechanical devices in fluid
ChairNgamta ThamwattanaJerzy FilarPhil BroadbridgeMatthew Finn
17:00 Fainida Rahmat
Carbon nanotube oscillators for applications as nanothermometers
Peter Taylor
Controlling egoist behaviour in an ad hoc mobile network
Peter Straka
Fokker--Planck equations for non-homogeneous environments
Kain Chambers
The magnetic Rayleigh--Taylor instability for inviscid and viscous fluids
17:20 Olumide Adisa
Two models for methane encapsulation in single-walled carbon nanotubes
Lewis Mitchell
Stochastic model reduction in data assimilation: improved weather prediction using a climate model
Julian Back
Singularity formation in a spherically symmetric Stefan problem
Trent Mattner
Multiscale modelling of turbulent mixing
17:40 Michael Neeson
Microfluidic beam resonators
Ghazaleh Mohammadian
A statistical view of price spikes in the Australian National Electricity Market
Nalini Joshi
Geometric asymptotics for the first Painlev\'e equation
Sergey Suslov
Molecular dissociation and thermal characteristics of hypersonic boundary layers near stagnation zones

Tuesday morning

TimeBallroom 2Ballroom 3Ballroom 4Ballroom 5
ChairNalini Joshi
08:30 Andrea Bertozzi
Swarming by nature and by design
ChairMick RobertsGraeme WakeYvonne StokesPhil Howlett
09:30 Agate Ponder-Sutton
A weed invades, and then what? Modelling with analysis
Thiansiri Luangwilai
Biological self-heating in compost piles: a Semenov formulation
Christopher Green
Computing the Schottky--Klein prime function and its applications in applied mathematics
Regina Burachik
A dual-penalty update based on epsilon subgradients for solving nonconvex optimisation
09:50 Sophie Hautphenne
Sensitivity analysis of epidemic networks
Rowena Ball
Endex systems extended: carbon management in nature and industry
Miccal Matthews
Complex mapping of aerofoils: a different perspective
Michael Haythorpe
A symmetrised interior-point algorithm for the Hamiltonian cycle problem
10:10 Owen Jepps
Why is autoimmune disease so regular?
John Knight
Analysing the transient response of temperature probes with rods of finite thickness
Dale Ward
Extended domain eigenfunction and level set method for modelling dynamic Stokes flow systems
Jerzy Filar
Population characteristics of connected cubic graphs
Refreshment break
ChairMartin WechselbergerDuncan FarrowShaun HendyPaul Cowpertwait
11:00 Timothy Schaerf
Precise directions do not always matter: nest site selection by Apis mellifera and Apis florea
Luke Fullard
Modelling the initiation of a hydrothermal eruption
Richard Lee
Designing of a Bucky shuttle memory device
John Hearne
Issues arising from roving wildlife on private land
11:20 Peter Johnston
A sensitivity study of conductivity values in the passive bidomain equation
Mark Nelson
The biological treatment of wastewater
Mike Hsieh
A moving boundary problem for drug diffusion through glassy polymers
Jing Huang
Forecasting solar radiation using differencing techniques
11:40 Carlo Laing
Pulsating fronts in periodically modulated neural field models
Francis Rose
In-situ imaging of laminar damage in plates
Paul Shorten
A mathematical model of obstructed diffusion in skeletal muscle
Yoni Nazarathy
Departure process variability of queues and queueing networks
12:00 Mat Simpson
Breast cancer cell migration: understanding the roles of crowding and cell-to-cell adhesion
Bronwyn Bradshaw-Hajek
Kramers--Kronig relations for the dielectric response of a colloidal suspension
Graeme Wake
You are what your mother ate
Andrew Plumridge
Modelling of droughts in the Murray--Darling basin

Wednesday morning

TimeBallroom 2Ballroom 3Ballroom 4Ballroom 5
ChairNigel Bean
08:30 Valerie Isham
Epidemics and rumours: the effect of network structure on transmission dynamics
ChairGeoff MercerSimon ClarkeKerry LandmanRegina Burachik
09:30 Mick Roberts
Epidemic models with uncertainty
Steve Taylor
Feedback stabilisation of swirling flow
Charlie Macaskill
Bubble interaction with a permeable membrane
Yalcin Kaya
Generalised Newton methods for nonlinear equations
09:50 Benjamin Binder
Quantifying evenly distributed states in exclusion and non-exclusion processes
Hayden Tronnolone
Thin-film approximation of fluid flow in open helical channels
Matthew Adams
Continuum modelling of human epidermis dynamics
Mark Fackrell
Some observations concerning priority queues
10:10 Roslyn Hickson
Cross-border tuberculosis transmission in the Torres Strait Island--Papua New Guinea region
Melanie Roberts
The onset of thermal convection in rotating spherical shells: investigation of higher-order effects
Rebecca Chisholm
Building a morphogen gradient without diffusion in a growing tissue
Alex Kruger
Stability of error bounds for infinite convex constraint systems
10:30 Janka Petravic
Does the acute phase of simian--human immunodeficiency infection determine the disease outcome?
Michael Page
Is it in perpetual motion?
James Caffrey
A mathematical model for layer formation
Christopher Angstmann
Transmogrifying continuous time random walks
Refreshment break
ChairGraeme HockingScott McCueMiccal MatthewsBob Anderssen
11:10 Larry Forbes
Image reconstruction in magnetic resonance imaging: the Phantom, Cat Woman and Transformers
William Phillips
On approximations to a class of Jaeger integrals
Michael Hay
Nonlinear integrable PDEs and ODEs and relationships between them
James McCoy
Modelling helical protein structure
11:30 Peter While
Heating and coil design in magnetic resonance imaging
Ma Yichen
Construction of absorbing boundary conditions for diffusive-viscous wave equation
Frank deHoog
The effect of kernel perturbations in the interconversion equation of linear viscoelasticity
Geoff Mercer
Did your annual flu shot put you at higher risk of getting the 2009 pandemic flu?
11:50 James Jackson
Noisy buckled magnetic resonance imaging coils
Richard Clarke
Moving boundary problems and generalised integral transforms
Naratip Santitissadeekorn
Coherent sets for time-dependent dynamical systems
Mike Plank
Free agents: non-lattice models of cell motility
12:10 Brendan Florio
The dynamics of convection in a box of porous media
Jason Whyte
Page proof by construction: notes on a system for copy editing displayed mathematics
Wen-Ting Chen
An inverse finite element method for pricing American options
John Shepherd
Transitions in slowly varying population models

Wednesday afternoon

TimeBallroom 2Ballroom 3Ballroom 4Ballroom 5
ChairJim Denier
13:30 Darren Crowdy
Solving problems in multiply connected domains
ChairMichael PageGuanghua LianCarlo LaingCathy Holmes
14:30 Yvonne Stokes
Pele's hair and other stretching fluid threads
Song-Ping Zhu
A closed-form analytic solution for pricing Parisian options
Muteb Alharthi
Mixed quadratic--cubic autocatalytic reaction--diffusion equations: semi-analytical solutions
Thien Tran-Duc
Modelling encapsulation of acetylene molecules into carbon nanotubes for super conducting nanowires
14:50 Matthew Finn
Slow swimmers near no-slip boundaries
Endah Putri
Semi-analytic valuation of stock loans with finite maturity
Hassan Alfif
Generalised diffusive delay logistic equations: semi-analytical solutions
Kerry Landman
Spreading nanofilms exhibit height discontinuities: observations and mathematics
15:10 Nathaniel Jewell
Efficient computation of three-dimensional lid-driven cavity flow
Tristan Barnett
Obtaining a fair arbitration outcome
Judith Bunder
Patch dynamics for macroscale modelling
Yue Chan
Dynamics of benzene molecules situated in metal--organic frameworks
Refreshment break
ChairTim Marchant
16:00 Georg Gottwald
It's all a matter of balance
ChairPeter TaylorSong-Ping ZhuDavid IversYue Chan
17:00 Paul Cowpertwait
Empirical analysis of a spatiotemporal rainfall model
Manju Agrawal
Estimation of wind energy volatility using high frequency data: some recent insights
Mike Chen
Kelvin--Helmholtz instability for inviscid and viscous fluids
Barry Cox
Forced double-walled nanotube oscillators
17:20 Natashia Boland
Maintenance scheduling in critical infrastructure networks
Xiaoping Lu
Finite maturity margin call stock loans
Elena Vinogradova
Plane wave scattering by two-dimensional aerofoils
Ngamta Thamwattana
Modelling peptide nanotubes for ion channels and drug delivery applications
17:40 Andrew Eberhard
A new approach to the surrogate dual in integer programming
Guanghua Lian
Pricing variance swaps in a stochastic volatility model with regime switching-discrete sampling case
Jim Denier
Edge flows
Shaun Hendy
Effective rate constants for nanostructured heterogeneous catalysts

Wednesday evening

The Conference Banquet will be held at the South Australian Museum, Adelaide. Pre-dinner drinks will be served from 19:00. Please visit our travel information page for advice on getting to the venue.

Thursday morning

TimeBallroom 2Ballroom 3Ballroom 4Ballroom 5
ChairJonathan Borwein
09:00 Roberto Cominetti
Equilibrium and learning in traffic network games
ChairYalcin KayaRowena BallTrent Mattner
10:00 Phil Howlett
Laurent series for the inversion of linearly perturbed matrix operators
Peter Beda
Dynamical systems in modeling of the Portevin--Le~Chatelier effect
Tony Roberts
Modify the Improved Euler scheme to integrate a stochastic differential equation
10:20 Hans-Josef Pesch
New necessary conditions for state-constrained optimal control problems and their numerical treatment
Winston Sweatman
Four-body systems with symmetrical configurations
Paul Smith
A justification of the method of exact absorbing conditions for open resonators
10:40 Jonathan Borwein
Compressed sensing: a subgradient descent method for missing data problems
Michael Deakin
Insect wingbeat revisited
Hakam Alqaraleh
Modeling interaction between a water molecule and an aquaporin
11:00 Asef Nazari
The optimal transmission expansion planning for increasing wind power penetration
Refreshment break